African ImagiNation Campaign

Free Zumbanda coalition forces defeat the Burandan lead invasion. Burandan forces flee from their failed attempt capture Zumbanda's captial Joyville.

Free Zumbanda coalition forces defeat the Burandan lead invasion. Burandan forces flee from their failed attempt to capture Zumbanda’s captial Joyville.


At Australia’s largest games convention, Cancon, in January 2014, the BWA started its post colonial African campaign .

Ten players from across Eastern Australia had built 28mm forces and terrain in preparation for the weekend.

After testing various table gaming rules such as Bolt Action and Force on Force, we chose the excellent Too Fat Lardies Rules, Chain of Command (CoC) to fight the table battles. CoC are designed for WWII, but with some simple additions the rules were an great success. We also created a simple campaign system to link table games, and then just let the players take their characters and faction on a journery.

See “Files” section on this site for CoC adaptions and the campaign system.

Zumbanda FlagThe Democratic Republic of Zumbanda (DRZ) is a fictitious country located in central Africa. The DRZ is a failing state on the verge of civil war, with significant natural resources, unfriendly neighbours, powerful competing foreign interests, and a diverse and fractured population. See “Zumbanda Intelligence Handbook” in “Files” for more details.

President Gerald N’Zogbia

President Gerald N’Zogbia

The Players in DRZ:

  • The current President, President Gerald N’Zogbia, and Government Forces of DRZ.
  • Free Zumbanda – popularly based reformist movement.
  • Brothers of Rhodrica – the remnants of Colonial rule.
  • Federated Independent African Socialist Christian Organisation, FIASCO – charismatic “nutcase” Warlord.
  • John’s Resistance Army – the JRA, Warlord or Freedom Fighter?
  • Musoria – A neighbour state who wants to spread it’s form of Socialism across the world, starting with Zumbanda.
  • Buranda – with shared borders Zumbandan desires the resource rich disputed regions.
  • Commonwealth of Bangalla – Legend and fact often become blurr in Africa, the Ghost that walks, righting wrong.
  • The USA protects it’s national interests – USMC 1 Marine Expeditionary Force
  • Confederate States Marine Corps – a mercenary force with confused political and profit motives.

The Campaign – the first year

Over the three days of Cancon players lead their factions through various scenarios. Many players had never played CoC, but the rules proved they are easily learnt and the outcome of actions are usually determined by using real tactics.

The details of the scenarios used, below, are posted in the “Files” section of this website.

“Shooting Terrs” – Crossing the Border

“Leaving on a Jet Plan” – Zumbanda Airport

“Rare Earth” – The Mine 

“The voice of freedom and democracy” – Radio Zumbanda 

“You must pay” – VIP Rescue 

“Loaves and Fishes” – Delivering aid to the refugee camp of Little Joy

“Going Downtown” – Fun in the capital, Joyville

“The Palace” The Campaign culminated with all players on one large table and in one big game. CoC proved themselves more than able to handle purely armoured commands and multiple players.


More than a Legend

More than a Legend - The Ghost who Walks

More than a Legend – The Ghost who Walks








The campaign is not over, the struggle for Zumbanda is to be continued…………………………..





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