Greco-Persian Wars – “Athens will Burn”


Battle of Mycale

“Here are presented the results of the enquiry carried out by Peterodotus of Bercarnassus. The purpose is to prevent the traces of human events from being erased by time, and to preserve the fame of the important and remarkable achievements produced by both Greeks and non-Greeks.”

“I write these things as they seem true to me; for the stories told by some Greeks are various and in my opinion absurd.”

Peterodotus (With apologises for Herodotus)


Persia has a new King of Kings; after a succession of losses in battle Buckardonius the Rash has been usurped by Koorush, Koorush King of Kings.

The Greek city states have defeated two invasions and are triumphant over the Persians. Many states have prospered in the wars, and again are looking at their neighbours.

We Greeks are returning to our long held practice, there are motions towards war on the peninsula. The Persian still looks to our land, to be involved in Greek machinations, and to expand their empire.

The following is the only record available, and after extensive inquiry the best that can be found, of the fame and achievements of notable participants in the recent hostilities:







The Middle Gate







THe Pass

The Pass








Reflections of an “Historian” – Peterodotus speaks:

With thanks to all the players, for painting all the figures, creating a wonderful spectacle and a buzz, for the good humour over the entire weekend, and to creating our own history. The players:


Arimnestos the Plataean (Wal), Basileios of Athens (Jon-PauL), Xena the Lawless (Greg), Idiocrates of Mytilene (Mark), Cimon the Pirate (Geoff), Demonax the Delayed (Darren)


Tomtikles the Usurper, Buckardonius the Rash (Ian), Buckomenes the endowed (Steve, Artaphernes son of Artaphernes (John), Vivan (Brian), Koorush (Rod)

The Persian will be back and each Greek will again have to fight for their independence.

“I am Xerxes, great king, king of kings, the king of all countries which speak all kinds of languages, the king of the entire big far-reaching earth.”
“I am moved to pity, when I think of the brevity of human life, seeing that of all this host of men not one will still be alive in a hundred years time………….(but I will live forever)”
King Xerxes

The Greek and Persian Commanders

The Greek and Persian Commanders