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The Berwick Wargames Association is not a formally constituted club, but a group of wargaming friends who have a common passion for historical miniatures wargaming.

MEETINGS – Wednesday & Saturday

We meet each Wednesday evening from 7:30pm until late. We also meet mostly every second Saturday from 1:30pm until 6:00pm.

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Most of our members have been wargaming for many years, but we have members who have been gaming for only a few years, and one who has gamed for nearly fifty years.


The Berwick Wargames Club has evolved out of the Muglrave Wargames Club. Members have been or are active with the following clubs:

  • Mulgrave Wargames Association (now defunct)
  • Frankston Wargames Association (now defunct)
  • Nunawading Wargames Club
  • League of Ancients

We annually support many events with display or participation games, including:

  • Bastille Day at The Briars
  • Western Suburbs Open Day
  • Nunawading Open Day
  • League of Ancients promotions
  • Little Wars

As a group we have been travelling to Cancon for over 20 years. Some members participate in the competitions, but each Cancon most of us run a mini-campaign as a participation and display game.

The campaigns are a series of linked battles conducted over the three days, played in the Grand Manner style. Whilst In the most recent years these have included:

Prior to 2009 – campaigns include 15mm ACW, 15mm Napoleonics, and 28mm Biblical.

2009 – 28mm Dark Ages, 1066

2010 – 40mm AWI

2011 – 28mm SYW

2012 – 28mm ECW

2013 – 28mm Wars of the Roses

2014 – 28mm Modern Africa Imagination & 28mm SYW

2015 – 28mm SYW Siege & Battles

2016 – 28mm Greco-Persian Wars


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